WEBINAR EVENT | 'Bottlenecks&Borders' with Convergence Partners and Kiwibank Chief Economist, Jarrod Kerr

Convergence Partners

Join Kiwibank Chief Economist, Jarrod Kerr, for a 30-minute briefing tailored for an audience of Manufacturing, Distribution and FMCG professionals.

Among other key topics, Jarrod will assess the prognosis for the current shortages and supply chain disruption, provide insight into other sector relevant headwinds, and share guidance on the short to medium term NZ economic outlook.

Webinar Overview:
As well as the tragic human cost, COVID-19 is causing substantial economic disruption that is resonating around the world.

The impact is felt particularly acutely in the manufacturing, distribution and consumer goods industries, through shortages of talent, raw materials, capital equipment, and timely access to overseas markets.

In this 30 minute session, delivered via Zoom, Kiwibank Chief Economist, Jarrod Kerr, will provide our invited guests with:

  • insight into some of the hidden forces underlying the current challenges;
  • guidance on the key considerations for New Zealand’s manufacturing, distribution and consumer goods sectors;
  • the outlook for these sectors, and the broader NZ economy.

Coupled with this, Convergence Partners’ Managing Partner, Dave Rees, will offer a snapshot of the current talent landscape and how businesses in the sector are responding to the human capital challenges.

This webinar will be followed by a 15-minute Q&A with Jarrod and Dave. Feel free to put your questions directly to us when registering, or email

9:30am - 10:15am NZT Thursday 9th December 2021.

Online via the Zoom platform. Participation is free but registration is required.

Click here to register via Zoom

Meet Jarrod Kerr
Jarrod Kerr is Kiwibank's Chief Economist. Jarrod has a passion for the environment, financial markets, and everything economics. Although born and schooled in New Zealand, he cut his teeth in the UK, Swiss, and Australian banks, and has spent most of his career overseas. Jarrod started off as an economist at JP Morgan in Sydney. He then moved into financial markets as an interest rate strategist for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, before moving to Credit Suisse in Singapore as Head of Australian and New Zealand fixed income and economic research. After 16 years abroad, Jarrod returned home to the mighty Kiwibank in 2018.

Meet Dave Rees
Dave is a founding Partner at Convergence Partners, having joined the Recruitment industry in the UK in 2004. As well as leading and supporting the Convergence team, he undertakes global searches for leadership roles and specialist positions. Aside from recruitment, Dave is passionate about helping 'NZ Inc' to capitalise on its strong base of scientific research, and frequently acts as a commercialisation mentor to public research organisations via the Kiwi Innovation Network.


We are celebrating 10 years: 2010-2020

We are celebrating 10 years: 2010-2020

Watch our recent webinar event with Kiwibank Chief Economist, Jarrod Kerr

Watch our recent webinar event with Kiwibank Chief Economist, Jarrod Kerr

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