Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

'Resilience' is being tested on a global scale – not just in how countries, economies and healthcare systems cope, but in how every one of us gets through the day; and resilience is something that will continue to be important as we navigate an uncertain future.

Today mark's the start of Mental Health Awareness Week, and it feels fitting to share Dr Lucy Hone's compelling Tedx Talk: '3 Secrets of Resilient People'. This was first presented before the emergence of COVID19, but over the last 18 months her work has resonated so powerfully with many people around the world struggling to cope with the global change and personal trauma caused by the pandemic.

We encourage you to grab a cuppa and listen for 16 minutes as Lucy presents a brilliant and empathetic way to build resilience with 3 straightforward and achieveable tactics everyone can apply for any kind of adversity - watch here

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