At Convergence, we believe that our combination of insight, analysis and empathy coupled with an understanding of the power of belonging, is the key to making connections that unlock true potential.

We're a business of experienced, like-minded recruitment specialists, fuelled by a core belief:

Belonging is the heart of powerful team relationships.

We love our craft, we thrive on successful placements, and we value the relationships we have built in the New Zealand marketplace since opening our doors in 2010.

As an employee owned business, our success relies on our reputation and past performance. We're proud that our passion, commitment and skill for bringing candidates together with the places they belong has not only generated successful and enduring client relationships, but also resulted in Convergence being instrumental in introducing the talent behind many iconic New Zealand brands and organisations.

We've seen first-hand how belonging builds united, collaborative and productive workplaces. Skills, experience and talent may open doors but it’s a sense of belonging that truly unlocks potential and fosters enduring employee performance and relationships.

Insight, analysis and empathy