Our approach

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We believe that belonging is the key that unlocks potential. Connecting the right people with the right places ignites powerful performance. Finding that fit takes analysis, insight and empathy - the combination of all three is what defines Convergence.

We build powerful teams

In a modern, collaborative and ambitious business, your most valuable people are the ones who feel they belong. Why? Because belonging is the key that unlocks the true potential of people and teams.

We care deeply about the clients we serve and see ourselves as their long-term strategic talent partner - a champion of their brand and invested in their future success. It’s our job to work with you to help shape the concept of the best fit between people and place.

Rigour and research

Our research-intensive approach is relentlessly thorough and thoughtful, equipping our clients with the knowledge and assurance needed to make the most informed hiring decisions. Our methodology goes far beyond the traditional recruitment process; we are more meticulous, thorough and creative in unearthing talented individuals locally and globally, ensuring we have the strongest pool of talent for each and every assignment.

Objective insights

We always strive to deliver value over and above the recruitment mandate, so our commitment to your business means our vetting process is as rigorous as our search. We dig deep to give you emotionally intelligent candidates that will belong and thrive within the role. How? We’re highly experienced in conducting behavioural and technical competency-based interviews designed to delve broadly into a candidate’s experience, underlying drivers and career potential. We also go beyond a structured interview, integrating Hogan personality assessments into our selection process and providing our clients with broad, objective insight.

You want more than a role that fits. You want a sense of belonging, in a place where your full potential can burn bright.

We find places to belong

Finding your rightful place is energising, motivating and empowers the exceeding of expectations - theirs and yours. That's why belonging is our focus.

At Convergence, we've built enduring relationships with leading New Zealand employers who trust us to help them find the right people. We open doors, make introductions, and support career defining moves to help you uncover your true potential.

We’ll work hard on your behalf, because finding you the place to work that unlocks your true potential and a role that you can define, shape and make your own, is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

Find a sense of belonging