Belonging is at the heart of everything we do - and it has shaped the journey of our next exciting chapter!

Since our inception in 2010, we have experienced significant transformation and growth; and with growth comes change.

With the magic of our creative partner, misterwolf, we've dug deep from the inside out to understand and reimagine what our brand means to our team, clients, candidates and the market. When we distilled everything that our business stands for and represents, we recognised the beating heart of our brand - belonging.

People are at their best when they belong. We've seen first-hand how belonging builds united, collaborative and productive workplaces; and we know that people want a sense of belonging, in a place where their full potential can burn bright. Skills, experience and talent may open doors but it’s a sense of belonging that unlocks the true potential of people and teams.

Connecting people with the workplaces they truly belong in isn’t achieved by luck. We believe it’s the combination of insight, analysis and empathy; when we apply the convergence of these three critical elements to both our candidates and clients, we unlock the power and potential of belonging.

It’s been quite the journey crafting the next generation of our brand that is reflective of our growth and that connects more emotively with who we are and what we do - and it’s been amazing to see something that visually represents us and our offering coming together.

We’re very excited to see our hard work come to life today! We now feel more like... us.

And it’s official - we’re going by Convergence now. After 12 years, we’re excited to be moving to a first-name basis with you all.

We’ll be rolling out our refreshed brand across all Convergence touchpoints over the coming weeks.

We hope you love it as much as we do.