Book Recommendation:

Being Extraordinary By Confronting Your Ordinary by Mike Bennetts

Whether you’re going to be spending your summer holidays at the beach, travelling or at home, there’s no better time to embark on a journey of personal and professional development.

Our Convergence team have curated a diverse list of book recommendations, ideal for any leader hoping to grow their skills and gain fresh perspectives for the coming year. Over the next 5 days, we'll be posting a "From the library of Convergence" series of our top picks and also our personal reflections on these books, which we hope will engage, delight and motivate you.


From the library of Convergence 📖
Book Recommendation No. 2:
Being Extraordinary By Confronting Your Ordinary by Mike Bennetts

Mike Bennetts, award-winning, global CEO and founding Chief Executive of Z Energy, launched his literary debut earlier this year, which is packed with powerful and practical tools to help leaders elevate the impact of their leadership on organisational performance and personal growth.

Being Extraordinary By Confronting Your Ordinary demonstrates how leaders can catalyse change within their organisation, and how seeking discomfort and confronting ordinary leadership practices can be the key to opening more doors as a leader.

Why we chose to read it ✔️
We had the pleasure of Mike speaking at one of our Leadership Breakfast events this year, where he shared leadership mindsets and practices to address transformative change effectively. His book expands on this and is fantastic brainfood for elevating the performance of individuals and organisations.

Why we recommend it 👍
This is a compass and a guide for anyone at any stage of their career, and with ambition to grow personally and professionally. It's packed with valuable insights and actionable tools you can add to your own leadership toolbox.

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