Book Recommendation:

Belonging - The Ancient Code Of Togetherness by Owen Eastwood

Whether you’re going to be spending your summer holidays at the beach, travelling or at home, there’s no better time to embark on a journey of personal and professional development.

Our Convergence team have curated a diverse list of book recommendations, ideal for any leader hoping to grow their skills and gain fresh perspectives for the coming year. Over the next 5 days, we'll be posting a "From the library of Convergence" series of our top picks and also our personal reflections on these books, which we hope will engage, delight and motivate you.


From the library of Convergence 📖
Book Recommendation No. 1:
Belonging: The Ancient Code Of Togetherness by Owen Eastwood

Belonging is a refreshingly different take on what makes people perform at their best and our inherent desire to belong. Part storytelling, part philosophical, it stresses the importance of belonging as a foundational cornerstone for creating trust. Drawing heavily upon Eastwood's Māori roots, it implores us to look at our history to guide and shape what we stand for.

It also provides valuable insight in how to make cultural changes in a team environment, with some great examples of Owen's journey with high profile teams.

Why we chose to read it ✔️
This book beautifully aligns with our core belief: 'Belonging is the heart of powerful team relationships.' Belonging underpins everything we do here at Convergence, and this book is heartfelt in its exploration of how to build a culture that allows people to belong and thrive.

Why we recommend it 👍
If you lead a team or an organisation and want powerful ideas on how to create a culture where belonging, trust, and aligned vision are the core of what you do, this book is worth investing in.