FMCG Recruitment Insights & Talent Trends for 2022

Here are some insights and trends our FMCG specialists - Erin Kirk (Sales & Marketing), Michelle Elsley (Supply Chain & Operations) and Claire Ellis (Finance & Accounting) are seeing:

Two years into the COVID-19 pandemic and leaders of FMCG businesses are continuing to face many overwhelming challenges - inflationary pressure, economic uncertainty, a complete disruption of global supply chains, and dramatically shifting consumer behaviour. Add to this, the coming year will be a big one for the employment market as the war for talent intensifies, making retention and talent attraction top priorities for FMCG employers. As a specialist FMCG recruitment team, we’re in a unique position to have a bird’s eye view of the current talent landscape - here’s what we’re seeing.

Skills gaps

Many FMCG businesses are going through significant digital adoption and transformation, requiring increased diversity in digital capabilities and technology to fill the skills gaps. In particular, we’re seeing supply chain efficiency and optimisation being a priority for companies, who in turn are seeking out specialist candidates with the skills to deliver on transformation projects and efficiency gains. Providing learning and development opportunities is business-critical to ensure employees meet current and future job requirements, and is ranking ever more highly in candidates’ lists of requirements.

Hybrid & Flexibility

While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach here, we know that those organisations who prioritise flexibility and adaptability will stand out as leaders in this new world of work. We are also starting to see some businesses taking action to reduce ‘proximity bias’, to ensure that all employees feel included, regardless of where they choose to work. There’s no doubt that employers who remain staunchly opposed to hybrid working models will struggle to secure high quality talent.


With so much sudden change in the workplace from both businesses and employees in the past two years, employers and managers continue to focus on improving and fostering positive, safe and inclusive company cultures across dispersed workforces. With many employees working from home, companies are grappling with the challenge of making culture count for a dispersed workforce.


As the influence of company culture wanes, many employees’ focus has shifted to the prospect of higher salaries and greater benefits. Combined with an unprecedented demand for talent, near record employment levels, and the ongoing challenges of securing offshore talent, this environment will continue to see fierce competition drive up compensation levels.


Burnout has reached historic levels in the past two years, and mental health in 2022 remains a top priority for companies as focus shifts from short-term solutions to transforming organisational culture that supports all aspects of their employees’ well-being.

Move Fast

Talent pools are swiftly evaporating with many FMCG businesses being unable to find enough candidates to satiate demand. Most candidates actively looking for work are currently considering multiple opportunities, so if you are too slow, you’ll miss the boat on securing the best talent.