Next-level talent selection

We're delighted to advise that each member in our Convergence consulting team is now a fully accredited Hogan Assessment Systems certified practitioner.

Grounded in more than three decades of validated research, Hogan were the first to scientifically measure personality for business and are now the world leader in personality assessment, used by over half of the Fortune 500.

We also love that Hogan has long been dedicated to developing non-discriminatory personality assessments that allow employers to eliminate any potential bias based on gender, ethnicity, and race as part of the selection process.

Our consulting team are already highly experienced in conducting behavioural and technical competency-based interviews designed to delve deep into a candidate’s experience, underlying drivers and career potential. By integrating Hogan's assessment suite into our selection process, we are presenting our clients with a best practice model that will enable them to make data-driven and deeply informed talent decisions.