Insights from our Leading Hybrid Teams webinar

Hybrid working is one of the defining leadership challenges of recent times. While most of us have adapted to it over the last couple of years, conversations with our clients indicate that many organisations and leaders are still grappling with leading hybrid teams.

We recently hosted a webinar with a panel of senior leaders who shared valuable insights from their own extensive journeys leading hybrid teams:

  • Jenny Williams (Chief Client Officer at Humankind)
  • Darragh McCarthy (Development Manager at Xero)
  • Bridgette Dalzell (GM, Customer Connection Hubs at Bank of New Zealand)

The discussion was framed around a recent HBR article written by Martine Haas, who advocates the "5C challengeschecklist of hybrid work: Communication, Coordination, Connection, Creativity and Culture.

Digging into our panels experience and using the 5C's framework, over the next few weeks we'll be sharing some actionable strategies, ideas and tips that can help in creating a hybrid working model which supports and facilitates inclusion, collaboration, engagement and trust.

The 5C's:

1. COMMUNICATION - How to bridge gaps? Click here to watch

2. COORDINATION - How to manage people? Click here to watch

3. CONNECTION - How to make in meaningful? Click here to watch

4. CREATIVITY - How to foster innovative thought? Click here to watch

5. CULTURE - How to unite people? Click here to watch