Book Recommendation:

Crack the C-Suite Code by Cassandra Frangos

Whether you’re going to be spending your summer holidays at the beach, travelling or at home, there’s no better time to embark on a journey of personal and professional development.

Our Convergence team have curated a diverse list of book recommendations, ideal for any leader hoping to grow their skills and gain fresh perspectives for the coming year. Over the next 5 days, we'll be posting a "From the library of Convergence" series of our top picks and also our personal reflections on these books, which we hope will engage, delight and motivate you.


From the library of Convergence 📖
Book Recommendation No. 4:
Crack the C-Suite Code by Cassandra Frangos

Ever wondered what it takes to move into the much-coveted corner office in the business world? In this compact book, Cassandra Frangos lifts the curtain on this executive enigma, delving into the intricacies of ascending to executive leadership positions.

Drawing on her extensive experience in talent strategy, Frangos provides an abundance of information, insights, and counsel, all designed to help you achieve success at the highest levels of corporate management.

Why we chose to read it ✔️
In our role of placing executive leadership professionals who are at the very top of their game, we know that embarking on a path to the C-suite may not be direct and can also be hard to predict. This is where Frangos framework comes into play, offering ways to help executives accelerate to the top. From the tenure track to the “leapfrog” path and options in-between, there is something suited to everyone's goals and strengths.

Why we recommend it 👍
This book serves as a must-read for aspiring senior leaders who want to know the capabilities, experience and aptitudes needed to get to the upper echelon of company leadership. A fantastic blueprint that you can follow in your own career path.